blackburn-empire-poster-We'll Meet Again

We’ll Meet Again



Monday 4th November 2024 at 2:00pm

For one night only

This 1940’s Variety Show returns by public demand. In a lighted-hearted, yet respectful look at wartime entertainment known as ENSA, this talented cast re-creates  stars of the period in music, song, comedy and costume. Join us in  a Cockney singalong and our grand  finale ‘Land of Hope and Glory’!


blackburn-empire-Katie Hopkins: Silly Cow

Katie Hopkins: Silly Cow



Wednesday 15th May 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

More madness from Bats**t Bonkers Britain.

Are you in need of a night out and a good laugh? Did you ever imagine KATIE HOPKINS, the SILLY COW would be the one bringing it?

Couldn’t stand her and now love her? Think she’s a silly cow? Sick of not being able to say what you really think?

Then this is the show for you.

Katie has never been one to say what you are supposed to say in order to be liked, and it turns out she’s bloody funny with it. Shredding idiot celebrities, ridiculing useless politicians, and tearing big chunks out of herself, nothing is off limits in this stand up show. Katie isn’t here to hide.

Exposing her epic fails and humiliating personal issues, Hopkins puts HERSELF in the cross hairs to make YOU hurt with laughter.

She says: "It’s a real sh*tshow in the UK right now. We’re freezing our tiny t*ts off and told the world is boiling; we can’t afford Christmas but have to go to Turkey if we want our teeth fixed; and, our criminal politicians walk free but there are security tags on cheese at ASDA. Laughter is our best defence. Join us for a glorious evening of fun at the Empire Theatre."






Saturday 18th May 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

This tour marks the 50th Anniversary of Showaddywaddy. ‘The Greatest Rock & Roll Band In The World’ is a bold statement but Showaddywaddy has lived up to that title for the last 5 decades!

Formed in 1973 in Leicester from several local bands, they have sold more than 20 million records and have toured all corners of the World extensively.

Their 50th Anniversary Concert will be a dynamic and uplifting show featuring their greatest hits, many of which reached number one in the pop charts of Europe. ‘Under The Moon of Love’, ‘Three Steps to Heaven’, ‘Hey Rock & Roll’, ‘When’, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ and many, many more.

So come and join the ‘Dancin’ Party’… ‘You’ve Got What It Takes’!


blackburn-empire-poster-Trigger - The Stadium Rock Experience

Trigger – The Stadium Rock Experience



Saturday 6th April 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary audio and visual phenomenon as the highly acclaimed Trigger makes their grand debut at the Blackburn Empire Theatre. Brace yourself for an unrivalled journey into the heart of rock 'n' roll, where sheer talent, passion, and the magic of the stage converge to create an unforgettable night of pure rock euphoria.

Indulge in an unforgettable journey through an iconic setlist, meticulously curated to feature timeless anthems from legendary artists including Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Queen, Status Quo, Elton John, ABBA, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, AC/DC, and Tina Turner, among a host of other revered rock icons. Feel the adrenaline surge as each song is passionately delivered, igniting a wave of enthusiasm that will have you engaged, thrilled, and actively participating from the very first note to the epic finale.

Audiences will be left awe-struck as Trigger encompasses an elaborate production using awe-inspiring visuals, mesmerizing effects, and dazzling lighting arrangements. This meticulously crafted spectacle flawlessly recreates the monumental majesty of the stadium rock genre, ensuring an immersive and larger-than-life experience that will leave you breathless. Get ready to surrender to the irresistible allure of Trigger – The Stadium Rock Experience, where dreams of the stadium come to life!


blackburn-empire-poster-Nearly Elton - The Ultimate Tribute Show to Elton John

Nearly Elton – The Ultimate Tribute Show to Elton John



Saturday 30th March 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

Experience the ultimate Elton John tribute Concert . Nearly Elton is a stunning celebration of the music and life of one of the greatest showmen of our time. Starring Lee Brady as Elton and an outstanding full live band.

This phenomenal production is an exciting, heartfelt concert that has been described as “a powerhouse performance that delivers on every level…”

Taking audiences on a magical ride through five decades of hits that include: Rocketman, Your Song, I'm Still Standing, Candle In The Wind, Sacrifice, I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues and many more…


blackburn-empire-poster-Country Superstars

Country Superstars



Friday 21st June 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

This truly unique
show tells the diverse story of Country Music through incredible impersonations
of some of the biggest Country Superstars to have appeared at the Grand Ole

Superstars is hosted by
TV Dolly star Sarah Jayne who has been performing as Dolly
for 28 years and is Europe’s Leading Tribute to the Queen of Country
Our lead cast were endorsed by Dolly Parton “Live” on the BBC One Show stating
“I wish them the best and I appreciate them doing Dolly and Kenny so well for
so long” making this show one not to be missed

The show features
11 award winning impersonations of Patsy
Cline, Johnny Cash, Billie Jo Spears, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Tammy
Wynette, Garth Brooks, John Denver, Glen Campbell
Canadian Country Superstar Shania
. The show also includes The amazing Country Superstars

Joined by Award winning TV Vocal impersonator Andy
, The Country Superstars take you on an unforgettable journey back
through time to meet the most influential icons to have shaped country music

As seen in London West Ends Leicester Square theatre each artist not only looks and sounds like the Country Star they portray, these professional performers transform themselves through hours of practice at their craft. Every detail is taken into consideration from script, choice of songs, hair, make-up and mannerisms, as well as professional costumes and props. Kenny Rogers himself named and stated on his website that “Sarah Jayne and Andy Crust’s (are) Europe’s Leading impersonators”

The Cast
most recently featured on ITV’s Game of Talents

Country music
will live on forever, and this show is a must see for any fans of Country

Country Superstars
Country Superstars
Country Superstars


blackburn-empire-Strong Enough - The Ultimate Tribute to Cher

Strong Enough – The Ultimate Tribute to Cher



Friday 22nd March 2024 at 7:30pm

For one night only

Get ready for an unforgettable evening, celebrating the global superstar and great female icon that is Cher.

Featuring all of the classic hits including Turn Back Time, I Found Someone, Believe, Strong Enough, Gypsies Tramps and thieves, her modern Abba remixes and many more.

This is one show-stopping dazzling extravaganza you do not want to miss! This show will take you on a musical journey from the Dark Lady days, to the rocking 80’s perm days and the celebration disco hits as we TURN BACK TIME and celebrate the queen of pop and rock.

‘Strong enough’ features 25 smash hits, six decades of stardom and enough costume changes to cause a sequins shortage… With full live band and dancers, come along and experience the passion, the flair and the glitter!

For more information on STRONG ENOUGH, check out the following website / social media links:

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