Thursday 03 October 2024 – 7:30 pm


Thursday 03 October 2024 – 7:30 pm

Doors open 1 hour before show starts

This year, Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® are
pouring their legendary cock-eyed chaos into the Bard-shaped vessel that is A
Midsummer Night’s Dream. Think drunken donkeys, fandangled fairies and mullered
mechanicals… it’s hard to imagine anything more magical, right?

Each night, a rotating cast
member will get genuinely spiffingly splifficated and attempt to perform A
Midsummer Night’s Dream as you have never seen before. Making for a different
show every night, nobody (not even the cast) knows in which direction the show
will stumble. Come and get fuddled in the forest with us!

13 years ago, Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® set out on
the world's longest bar crawl and have been staggering from theatre to theatre
ever since. From Edinburgh to Australia, Boston to Southend, this bunch of
irreverent drama queens have been shaking up The Bard, performing to sell-out
crowds and most importantly, making people roar with laughter ever since.

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare® seek to
remind theatregoers that life is brighter when you are being stupid.