Wednesday 15 May 2024 – 7:30 pm


Wednesday 15 May 2024 – 7:30 pm

Doors open 1 hour before show starts

More madness from Bats**t Bonkers Britain.

Are you in need of a night out and a good laugh? Did you ever imagine KATIE HOPKINS, the SILLY COW would be the one bringing it?

Couldn’t stand her and now love her? Think she’s a silly cow? Sick of not being able to say what you really think?

Then this is the show for you.

Katie has never been one to say what you are supposed to say in order to be liked, and it turns out she’s bloody funny with it. Shredding idiot celebrities, ridiculing useless politicians, and tearing big chunks out of herself, nothing is off limits in this stand up show. Katie isn’t here to hide.

Exposing her epic fails and humiliating personal issues, Hopkins puts HERSELF in the cross hairs to make YOU hurt with laughter.

She says: "It’s a real sh*tshow in the UK right now. We’re freezing our tiny t*ts off and told the world is boiling; we can’t afford Christmas but have to go to Turkey if we want our teeth fixed; and, our criminal politicians walk free but there are security tags on cheese at ASDA. Laughter is our best defence. Join us for a glorious evening of fun at the Empire Theatre."