The entrance leads to the bar area and the toilets.

The stalls

The stalls area is accessed at the same level and the seats are raked. Row F and Row W (Accessible seating for Wheelchairs) is the best for patrons who need to avoid steps, as these offer step-free access.

Access from the foyer and bar to the auditorium is level.
The rows in the stalls are accessed by the number of low-profile steps shown.
Row A – 10 steps
Row B – 8 steps
Row C – 6 steps
Row D – 4 steps
Row E – 2 steps
Row F – No steps

The balcony area is accessed by a staircase comprising of 17 relatively steep steps, plus additional steps in the auditorium, so please ensure you book seats in the stalls if required.


Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the building, we do not have a passenger lift to the Balcony level so please be sure to book seats in the stalls area if stairs present you with an issue.

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