Top Mediums On Stage at the Empire

Widely regarded as one of the world’s finest spiritualist mediums, Colin Fry was born in 1962 and turned professional at the age of 17. He has spent many years sharing his spiritual philosophy with audiences around the world and in 1999 was made Principal of Rambsbergsgarden International College of Spiritual Science.

In 2002 he presented his first TV show, 6ixth Sense shown on Living TV, regularly attracting a million-plus audience

A contemporary and pioneer in the world of TV Spiritualism, the world renowned Derek Acorah will appear at the same venue on Friday 4 September, whilst Andrew Dee’s Soul Man Tour brings a mediumship event to the theatre on Tuesday 15 September.

Colin Fry, Friday 27th March 2015, Tickets £15

Derek Acorah, Friday 4 September 2015, Tickets £17

Andrew Dee, Soul Tour, Tuesday 15 September 2015, Tickets £12