Theatre comes of age

Exactly 21 years ago today the plan for the money appeal for the “20 year dream” was launched to raise capital to turn a building in Ewood into a state of the art Theatre.

The Red Brick Theatre, as it was known then, was really just a shell and as the building had been purchased in 1978 it was time for an extra effort to be made to achieve the vision that the building had been purchased for.

I had the pleasure of devising and launching the plan to raise funds for the project and to create an army of volunteers to try to achieve it.

In 7 years we raised £800k in cash and kind, opened the stalls in 2002 and completed the balcony in 2005.

Thanks go to the original purchasers, directors and volunteers and patrons over the years for the magnificent effort that has been put into the project.

With great pride I look at what we have created for the people of the area and thank the present marvellous staff, volunteers and all connected to the Theatre and to the loyal audiences that have enabled us to have operated successful for the last 15 years.

Let’s celebrate!