Sunday Night at the Empire Stalwart Dies

The Thwaites Empire Theatre has announced the passing of one its most dedicated volunteers. Ken Sharples (80) of Livesey, Blackburn was a familiar face to audiences both off and on the stage at Ewood where he performed on stage, organised shows, ran raffles and took tickets on the door. He was very well connected with the show business community of Blackpool Equity and worked with members to stage a series of regular entertainment events called Sunday Night at the Empire. He and his wife, Olive were also regular performers at retirement homes for older people.

Chairman, Michael Berry said, ‘Ken was one of our most committed volunteers ever since he joined the fundraising team to restore and rebuild the theatre in 1998 when I first met him in the chorus of a Gilbert & Sullivan Society show. He has helped us raise thousands of pounds for the theatre and along with his wife, Olive distributed hundreds of flyers across the neighbourhood. The theatre has lost a true ambassador and our thoughts are with Olive at this sad time.’