blackburn-empire-Steamy Windows - An Evening with Tina Turner


blackburn-empire-Steamy Windows - An Evening with Tina Turner

Saturday 21st August 2021 at 7:30pm

For one night only

Julia Martin presents  ‘Steamy Windows’ a tribute to the undisputed Queen of Rock’ Miss Tina Turner.

This high energy production is one of Julia’s longest running tribute shows, performed around the world, with standing ovations and repeat bookings on every occasion. From its conception 20 years ago, this incredibly authentic show captures the image, the stage presence, the legs and most importantly the voice of this great rock legend.

Julia in a recent interview commented… ‘I have always had a love for Rock Music and Tina has been one of my idols for over 20 years, she is one of the few tribute characters that I have yet to meet in person and I think Tina’s life story is simply inspiring. I have built my tribute show around Tina’s sensational live performances, with all my music being individually produced to capture the ‘energy and beat’ of a Live Tina concert. I have had so many people pass comment, not only about my vocal accuracy but also my backing tracks, it was an expensive project with over 30 songs commissioned, but incredibly worthwhile and it certainly adds an extra layer to my performance.

Attention to detail, careful research and a commitment to accurately portray Tina both vocally and visually is what makes ‘Steamy Windows’ special. Julia becomes Tina in every way, wig, make-up, replica costumes and of course the famous legs and movement. But  a tribute show is not simply about looking like someone, you have to become that person, you have to be able to step onto stage, capture the audience, and sell the illusion.

Julia, makes this show her own, catapulting it to the top of the Tina Turner tribute list. With vocals direct from Nutbush, Tennessee, mannerisms that are ‘Pure Tina’ and a stage presence that commands the room, Julia weaves her magic and delivers a show that when you shut your eyes; Tina Turner herself is in the room.

Audience engagement is also guaranteed with Julia walking amongst the tables, posing for photographs, and making every person in the room feel special, without even missing a beat from the songs that she is performing.

Tina is so totally unique that it is important to capture more than just the voice, without the Tina mannerisms, it just would not be Tina. The stage costumes play such an important part and Julia had replicated two of Tina’s most famous dresses from Tina’s ‘Private Dancer Tour’ hand stitched in Turkey from the finest leather, these dresses copy every seam, zip and buckle from Tina’s original.