Sunday 02 October 2022 – 2:30 pm

Doors open 1 hour before show starts

Sign Along With Us was
founded by Jade Kilduff, born out of her love for her little brother Christian
who has a type of brain injury called HIE, this was caused by him being still
born for 24 minutes.

Christian also has cerebral
palsy, visual impairments, global development delay and sensory 
processing disorder but above all of that he is the most incredible little boy.

They were told that Christian
would never be able to communicate but Jade just did not want to give up, so
she decided to start signing with him and eventually, after 18 months he signed

Since then he has come so far
and can now sign and talk, He is just a miracle.  They wanted to share
everything that they knew with the world and so began Sign Along With Us.

We are such a special group,
where everyone is included and can be themselves.  We want to share our
group with as many people as possible, in the hope that we inspire them to
learn some sign language as well as to showcase all the amazing people who have
overcome different difficulties and challenges in their life but now have been
able to stand proud and say THIS IS ME!