Seriously Dead at Blackburn Empire Theatre!

From the team that brought you Dirty Dusting, this brand-new comedy will make you die laughing this October at Blackburn Empire Theatre!

Seriously Dead is an up-lifting tale guaranteed to make you feel like there is nothing serious about being dead at all, because life’s party never ends! It simply moves to another location.

The show tells the hilarious tale of deceased bank robber, Thelma Henderson, who can’t get through newly digitalised The Pearly Gates as she has the wrong paperwork.

Thelma has to wait by scrapyard gates until the issue is resolved but finds herself to be a rather reluctant Guardian Angel watching over her school friend and the one true love of her life.
The show has played to packed audiences all around the country throughout 2016 and 2017 and is currently in the middle of a triumphant 2018 return, playing to packed houses and receiving standing ovations!
Paul Dunn – Tristan de Winter
Crissy Rock – Betty Blenkinsop
Tommy Cannon – Albert Blunderstone
Leah Bell – Thelma Henderson
Billy Pearce – Billy Blenkinsop
Written by Leah Bell and Crissy Rock
Directed by Leah Bell
Original music by Mike Redway
Blackburn Empire Theatre presents ‘Seriously Dead’ on Sunday 14th October at 7:30 pm. Tickets are £20.
Available online here or from the Booking Office in person or by phone (Monday to Saturday 10am to 12:30pm) 01254 685 500.