Rock and Soul Showcases the Legacy of Buddy Holly

Over 60s years since Buddy Holly hits the charts, a new show is celebrating his influence on musical history. The Rock and Soul Show will journey through the genres with hits from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Elton John and Hank Marvin.

The Rock and Soul show at the Thwaites Empire Theatre will showcase the musical legacy of Buddy Holly in an evening of entertainment by Graham Holly and 4 The love of Soul and Motown starring international bassist and vocalist Michael James.

Michael Berry, Theatre Chairman said, ‘There was more to Buddy Holly than the public realised and he was very forward thinking. He was already making plans to become a producer producing other artists like Waylon Jennings. It was also said by those who were close to him that he was always in a rush to get to where he was going and that he was impulsive. This might explain how it came to be that a man who was only on the scene for 3 years made such an impact on the world of music.’

Tickets are available online here