Are you prepared to meet the ugliest sisters in the Lancashire? Oh no you’re not!

Have you ever seen a Princess more beautiful than Cinderella? Have you ever heard a more enchanting story? Have you ever seen two more sickeningly ugly sisters? You haven’t until you see Thwaites Empire Theatre’s pantomime, Cinderella, this Christmas.

Cinderella will amaze you with her rags to riches tale, while the two ugly sisters will repulse you with their special brand of wickedness!

With the help of the comical Buttons, the charmed Fairy Godmother, and of course, the handsome Prince Charming,  Thwaites Empire Theatre and Pendle Productions’ Cinderella is set to have more glamour, magic and romance to dust your Christmas with extra sparkle.

But be aware, the ugliest sisters in Lancashire are lurking around every curtain and corner making sure not everything in the show will be so enchanting. You must help catch them before they catch you! They’ll be ready to spread their unique and comical sense of misery over your Christmas fun, so you be ready to shout “Boo! Boo!” whenever they take to the stage!

Pendle Productions and Thwaites Empire Theatre have worked hard to build a fantastic reputation for producing high-quality family shows. You’ll be amazed with the sumptuous special effects as Cinderella and her coach soar above the audience, and dazzle with her costumes and beauty.

Make sure you grab your tickets and help us kick the foul sisters out of town.

Pictured: The ugly sisters are out and about trying in vain to glam up for Christmas.



Blackburn Empire Theatre’s Cinderella will run several times a day from Friday 1st December 2017 until Thursday 4th January 2018. Ticket prices start at £11 for children and £17 for adults, with great value family tickets available from £48.

Available online here or from the Booking Office in person or by phone (Monday to Saturday 10am to 12:30pm) 01254 685 500.