Night Fever at the Blackburn Empire

Disco is Staying Alive thanks to an authentic tribute band set to perform the classic hits of the Bee Gees at the Thwaites Empire Theatre.

The Bee Gees – Nights on Broadway presents an unrivalled replica of the Gibb brothers who grew from squabbling siblings to world superstars.

Having originated and sold out theatres in Ireland, the band is now bringing their live tribute show which includes, harmonies, duets and costume changes to the theatre on Sunday, 19th June.

The touring show allows fans to enjoy the Bee Gees one more time while the agelessness of their songs even has younger members of an audience singing along.

Night Fever, You Should be Dancing, Tragedy and of course signature hit Staying Alive will all be lapped up by members of the audience.

International Artist and three time Eurovision Winner, Johnny Logan, said: “This is an absolutely superb show. Highly recommended. The boys have the vocals down to a fine art.”

What makes Nights on Broadway really stand out beyond other tributes is the depth of the story telling. The show goes beyond their hey-day and looks at how Maurice, Barry and Robin Gibb formed in 1958 and very nearly broke up as they could no longer speak to each other.

However, through the 1960s the band really hit their stride and had success lasting four decades with their final studio album ‘This is Where I Came In’ released in 2001.

The Bee Gees story came to an end in 2003 with the death of Maurice and later stopped touring after Robin died in 2012.

Through their career The Bee Gees released 22 studio albums and scored five UK number ones while touring the world and appearing on TV countless times.

Now their dance-floor fillers, acoustic melodies and catchy pop hits can still be celebrated in a live setting thanks to Nights on Broadway.

BAFTA Winning Star of ‘Mrs Browns Boys’, Brendan O’Carroll, said: “From the musicianship to the harmonies, these guys sound so like the Bee Gees it’s scary.”

Tickets for the show cost £16 – £18 and are available here or call the booking office on 01254 685500.