News Update from our Chairman – Michael Berry

Thanks go out to everybody at the Theatre for working so hard on our winter programme over the last few months. We have had a remarkable time and audiences have been on the upside for most of the productions that we hosted, especially the Pantomime month when we really had record attendances.

We had a surprise earlier this year when we heard that one of our past booking office staff had left us an amount in her will.

The lady was Sheila Leaver who many of you will remember worked for so long on Monday mornings in the office. She was a lovely lady who obviously had great times with us and her fondness for us was remembered by her in her will.

The money received was well used to take off a good amount off a previous loan that the Theatre had been paying for the last few years. Thanks again to a lovely lady who we will not forget.

We have just had a new website built for us and thanks to Ian Holmes and his team for the hard work that they put into the construction and this is another exciting step forward on our growth strategy.

We have now completed our programming for the rest of 2015 and we have a great mix of shows and presentations that should bring in the visitors to our lovely Theatre. We also continue with tours of the Theatre for groups who show interest and we still go out into all parts of Lancashire to Wi’s, Church groups, Probus groups etc with a dedicated talk “ 100 years in 1 hour” which tells the story of the Theatre from 1910 to the present in, you guessed it, about 1 hour.

I hope that you all have a great summer, get your strength up for the next season, including the gruelling Pantomime month and continue the work that you do to make our Theatre special.