“If it swings, they can, and will play it!” – The Swing Commanders

“If it swings, they can, and will play it!”

Taking well-crafted songs from the 30s to the 50s, from American Songbook classics to Western Swing, overlaid with lush vocal harmonies and hot solos, The Swing Commanders return to the Blackburn Empire Theatre this January!

Every member of the Swing Commanders sings and plays at least one instrument, sometimes three! Yet, what makes them stand out even above their incredible music ability and performing skills, is their joie-de-vivre!

The Swing Commanders have appeared, often headlining, at most of the UK’s top Vintage and Country Music festivals. They are loved by fans of Jazz, Country, Swing and Blues, and find it easy to fill dancehalls with lindy hoppers, modern jivers, line, partner and social dancers.

Audiences who experience the band for the first time are amazed at the energetic showmanship, the instrument swapping, the intricate arrangements, and sophisticated vocal blend. This isn’t a nostalgia trip or Rat Pack karaoke. It’s fine songs played joyfully and brilliantly.

They really are the cats with the cream, so sit back and sample the sweet swing sensation that is The Swing Commanders!


Blackburn Empire Theatre presents ‘The Swing Commanders’ on Friday 24th January, 2020 at 7.30pm. Adult tickets are £12 and concessions are £10.

Available online here or from the Booking Office in person or by phone (Monday to Saturday 10am to 12:30pm) 01254 685 500.