Harold Carter

This week has been one of the saddest weeks in the history of the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

Harold Carter passed away on Tuesday of this week aged 81 Years after an illness that lasted more than two years. He bore his illness with great courage and was indeed a real fighter.

Harold was one of the longest serving volunteers in the company and his reign has been almost 4 decades.

Harold served the theatre in the role of Technical manager and then Director for many years and he was totally dedicated and loyal to the company and played a big part in the restoration of the old building and the success that we are all very proud of.

He was time served in local companies, such as Walsh’s, Clayton Goodfellows and latterly at Blackburn College.

He was a perfectionist and could be an outspoken man and earned the nickname of “Fireworks”, but he was fair and gentle in many ways.

I had the privilege of working with Harold for 21 years and in that time if there was any disagreement and “fireworks”, any difference of opinion and heated exchanges soon passed and within a few minutes he was best pal with you again. He would always come to me after any difference and call me “Boss”. An absolute complement.

The funeral of this Theatre legend will take place at 11:15 on Tuesday the 4th of June at St Paul’s church in Audley Blackburn.

At the service his family will give you invitations for the proceedings after the service.

Many of you will have many happy memories and experience of Harold and I am sure you will want to attend his funeral as a mark if respect for this great man.

As Chairman of this wonderful Theatre that Harold and his wife Connie helped to make a success it is a privilege to have been part of his life and will never forget him and say, “fireworks” was a friend of mine.

Michael Berry Chairman
Blackburn Empire Theatre.