Elio Pace Brings Music of Billy Joel to Blackburn

Due to popular demand Elio Pace and his band will be returning to the stage at the Thwaites Empire Theatre with their dynamic concert after a sell-out show at the venue last year.

Elio and his band will be taking the audience through a tour of the great singer-songwriter’s biggest hits and lesser-known gems on Tuesday, 13th September.

“This is not a tribute act, I don’t dress as Billy Joel, but we play what I believe to be one the greatest rock and roll songbooks of all time. We tell stories about Billy Joel to give the audience an insight into the man himself,” Elio said.

With Billy Joel only performing a handful of shows every few years, there are many fans out there that have never had the chance to hear his music played live.

“There is not a show like this one around. On the radio you may hear the biggest hits like Uptown Girl occasionally but Billy Joel has so many amazing songs which tell fascinating stories that you just don’t hear very often,” Elio said.

“This is not just a gig, it is more of a properly written theatre show, which ends with a medley of the greatest hits. The show is guaranteed to get the crowd out of their seats and singing at the top of their voices!”

‘The Billy Joel Songbook’ is packed with over 30 of Joel’s hits and fan favourites and will give everyone a fantastic opportunity to hear his wonderful tunes played and sung by Elio Pace and his talented six-piece band.

Elio has received high praise from the likes of Brian May, Robert Lindsay, Sir Terry Wogan, Lulu and Huey Lewis.

The show is on at The Thwaites Empire Theatre on Tuesday, 13th September 2016 at 7.30pm. Book tickets here or call 01254 685500.