Christmas Message from The Blackburn Empire

At this time of year, it is usual for me to give to you the Board’s thanks for the support we receive from you, year after year and report on the year’s progress.

Since the end of March we haven’t had a normal time and the terrible pandemic has really halted the progress that we have enjoyed over the last 20 years or so.

As you know our income has been slight due to the fact that like other Theatre’s we have not been able to book and produce shows.

The circumstance that have unfortunately been thrown upon us has at least given us time to think and plan our strategy for when times are normal, hopefully in the first quarter of 2021.

Now for the positives!

On a positive note we have used the lockdown period to bring in the tradesmen and make some wonderful additions and changes to this magnificent little Theatre.

You will be delighted when you see the changes that we have made!

We have a full book of shows to roll out when the go ahead is given. A full year’s worth in fact.

We have been able to keep our staff employed and when we do open and all our volunteers are ready to spring into action when the starting pistol is fired.

Directors, staff and volunteers have been kept in touch and informed and I can announce that the spirit of this Theatre is very much alive and well.

We will have a wonderful future together if we keep the spirit that we have engendered over the last years and keep the marvellous audiences that have been so good to us.
Our message to the audiences is please come back, when safe and continue the friendship that you have always given to us.

We will think positive, overcome these dark times and with the help of all the people who keep the Theatre running make sure that THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and please keep safe, we need you all.

With great affection and thanks for all that you do.

Chairman of the Board
Blackburn Empire Theatre

Michael Berry – Chairman