Blackburn Empire Comedy Club Unveils Unbelievable Ticket Price

Hold onto your hats, comedy lovers! Blackburn Empire Comedy Club is about to turn your world upside down with an unbelievable ticket price of just £7.50! Yes, you read it right – we’re revolutionising the comedy scene by breaking the barriers of the cost of laughing and offering you an extraordinary deal for a fantastic night out.

Plane Comedy Takes the Stage: A BIG TRIPLE HEADLINE SHOW!

Prepare for an uproarious night of comedy as Plane Comedy touches down at the Blackburn Empire Theatre, ready to soar to new heights with a BIG TRIPLE HEADLINE SHOW. Get ready for an evening of side-splitting laughter that won’t break the bank!

Meet Your Comedy Maestros: Colin Manford, Tony Basnett, Dawn Bailey, and Matt Stellingwerf

  • Colin Manford (MC): Your charismatic captain for the night, steering the comedy ship with wit and charm.
  • Tony Basnett: A young and vibrant act, Tony brings bundles of energy and a playful, cheeky outlook. Definitely, one to watch!
  • Dawn Bailey: Raw, straight to the point, and unapologetically honest about life and love. Get ready for a damn good chuckle!
  • Matt Stellingwerf: An international comedy sensation, winner of four NZ Comedy Guild Awards. Fast rising and highly regarded by peers!

Important Details:

  • Date: Thursday, 28th March 2024
  • Time: 8pm (Doors open at 7pm)

Tickets at an unbelievable £7.50! We’re not just offering laughter; we’re busting the cost of living and the cost of a great night out! Don’t miss this chance to join us for an uproarious evening that won’t break the bank. Secure your tickets now – it’s a comedy revolution!


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