All Killer, No Filler: A Tribute to The Killers

In April 2020, The Killaz UK bring a completely new way to experience The Killers to Blackburn Empire Theatre.

By using absolutely no pre-recorded backing tracks, The Killaz UK can interact with crowds in a completely organic way, just like The Killers. For further authenticity, The Killaz UK bring a replica of The Killers famous ‘K’ sign, complete with multi-channel light setup synchronised to the show.

As a five piece band, The Killaz UK create a powerful multi-layered sound that brings to life even the most complex Killers songs. Recreating performances of hits such as ‘Mr. Brightside’ and ‘When You Were Young’ and even extended live versions of classics such as ‘Human’ and ‘Smile Like You Mean It’. The Killaz UK ensure the best Killers live tribute experience.


Blackburn Empire Theatre presents ‘The Killaz UK’ on Saturday 18th April 2020 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are £15.
Available online here or from the Booking Office in person or by phone (Monday to Saturday 10am to 12:30pm) 01254 685 500.